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Enabling Trade

Our Business

MobileCentric Limited’s Trading helps small-scale businesses and enterprise clients run and transform their trading operations using new digital technologies. We provide buy-side, sell-side and middle-end trade platform operators the infrastructure needed and a complement of full-service offering, including strategy design, systems design and integration and digital technology consulting services, as part of assisting in delivering high performance trading and settlement capabilities across consumer and digital asset classes. This includes implementation strategy, architecture design, operating model, process improvement, systems building and trading package integration as well as application management, application outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

With an accumulated 22 years of MobileCentric’s key experts grounded experience working in the Information and Communications Technology industry, the background in both business and technical management and operations is enabling MobileCentric build trading platforms that use digital services and solutions to transform operations of our customers. Capabilities we leverage for our clients include a Internet Technology, a network of local experts in key markets across Asia, Africa, South America, Western Europe and North America, and new technologies like FinTech, digital market place platform to enable build a new business forefront of trading innovation.