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Our Brand Portfolio

MobileCentric is engaging the market with three key products in its portfolio. They will be rolled out over the next months with the maiden platform, YourBest! going live at the end of August 2017.

We believe the Internet provides a foundation for digitalizing trade and commerce beyond what we physically bound to. Our portfolio leverages the Internet to build commerce and trade bridges between the East and the West. We offer a digital platform along with professional skills to enable multi-sided business to thrive.


Mediating the consumer and buyers need for quality and affordability and enabling cost effective quality producers to emerge. We offer a variety of niche online stores that include the apparel, electronics and jewelry.

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In an age of unparalleled ease of access to information, skills and expertise are still sources the same only way. We will offer a platform that will enable sourcing for the right skills and expertise for your projects.

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We appreciate the essence of trade is for both sides of the transaction to confidently exchange value of goods and services in a fair and open manner. Gigmatize hope to offer such a platform to bridge distance and outcome.

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Frequently asked questions

Ours a platform that seeks to engrain trust and integrity in our platform business model. It may be about simple retail and sourcing, but to us it’s about unparalleled eco-centric experience.

Please reach out to us via e-mail – – or you can call us on our contact numbers below:

Phone 1:  +1 559 869 8 968
Phone 2:  +44 745 205 7550

We are currently building our platform with minimal outside investment. Our developers are currently located around the world, working around to clock to ensure our platform can meet up to the standards we’ve set for our selves.

Opportunity for affiliation will definitely be offered along the way. First we’d like to get the platform up and running and the right team of experts serving the needs of our communities. We expect to open up for affiliation in 2018.