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Digitizing Commerce

Electrified Commerce

We are passionate about trust and integrity showcasing itself at the core of our business and activities. As these principles hold fast the founders character, we see the approach to commerce – mobile, digital or electronic – one that must consistently represent these characteristics. Our approach to providing Commerce services is in the area of helping small scale and semi-large scale business to be able to offer their goods and services to the global community. As the term global village becomes increasingly a reality with rise in the use of Internet systems, many are still trapped with the complexity and technical challenges that impede their ability to get on the global bandwagon.

Project-based "Sourcing" Platform

A new kind of platform to trade professional expertise. This will change the way by which skills (e.g. testing, design, QS etc) are sourced.

"Gig" Commerce

A marketplace that will enable trade “gigs” through a system of localization for easy “search and find” within various localities using smart contracts.