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Logo & Brands

Our brand, your products, websites portfolio


We understand that you want may want to sell your products or affiliate to our application portfolio and products, website, or marketplace platforms to add to or benefit from the MobileCentric experience and to be identifiable as part of the MobileCentric excellence sphere. This is important to us too, but MobileCentric is the company and our portfolio of services are each branded for uniqueness, such as, and, so we’re cautious about potential confusion.

Please don’t use any of our official company branding—the word “MobileCentric”, and brand for online platforms “YourBest!”, “Crowdlize” and “Gigmatize” —in the name or branding of your website or app. Our official branding is only used in systems and platforms we make and manage ourselves. This is to prevent any confusion, so users can distinguish between what we officially release and what awesome folks like you have created.


  • Name your application, product, website, or services with something unique.
  • Design your application, product, website, or services with unique branding and logos.
  • Use our colors in a nice way of showing a connection.
  • Feel free to include language explaining that your effort is, and how it is built on the MobileCentric platform so people understand your products or offering.


  • Use “MobileCentric” in the name of your application, website, or product. Riffs are OK
  • Register a top-level domain containing ‘MobileCentric’ or ‘mobcentx’ or any variant of the spelling. If promoting a MobileCentric services, subdomains are OK (e.g.
  • Create a Twitter account containing ‘MobileCentric’ or ‘mobcentx’ or any variant of it (e.g. @MobileCentricstuff).
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including ‘MobileCentric’ or ‘MobCentX’.
  • Copy our look and feel directly, as this could create user confusion.